The complete turnkey farming system.

Developed through nearly 15 years of innovation and testing, the OysterGro® system offers all the in-depth knowledge and customized equipment required for the cost-efficient, commercial production of high-quality oysters.

Get quality and profitability on your side.

With the OysterGro® system, you’ll consistently produce higher quality oysters that translate into higher-value harvests each year.

  • A more appealing product
  • Consistent, faster growth
  • Maximized yield
  • Reduced mortality
  • Minimum labour requirements

A proven model for success

The OysterGro® system has helped oyster growers, big and small build profitable farming businesses all over North America.

  • Proven by oystermen
  • Predictable investment
  • Profitable results
  • Simplifies every aspect of the business from setting out equipment to tending and harvesting
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Get growing today

Oyster rearing is potentially one of the most lucrative of the aquaculture businesses.

As consumers throughout North America discover the culinary appeal of this humble mollusk, aquaculturists who can grow high-quality oysters efficiently and economically will reap their rewards.


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