Developed by experts, backed by BBI.

Developed in collaboration with marine biologists, commercial oystermen, equipment manufacturers & designers, the OysterGro® system is made available by Bouctouche Bay Industries, a long-established and respected manufacturer & supplier to fishing & aquaculture sectors in Atlantic Canada.

Get the System and the know-how

OysterGro® makes aquaculture more of a science than an art, but actual experience and know-how still provide valuable insight, especially for the aquaculturist who may be new to the business.

“My family has been growing oysters for five generations, and over the course of all those years, I believe we have tried every conceivable method to produce a fast-growing, high-quality oyster. The OysterGro® system is by far the best we have ever seen. If I had to give up this system I’d quit!  Thanks again”

Ben Suddard                       
B&B fish, Wareham, Mass


We’re there to help along the way

Bouctouche Bay Industries Ltd. offers consulting services with the purchase of the OysterGro® system.

Since aquaculture success is highly dependent on timing, BBI can provide guidance on when key actions should be taken.

In addition, BBI consultants can provide analysis and advice to optimize your OysterGro® system for yield, quality and profitability.




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