Flipping the cages will control bio fouling and secondary Spat.

The OysterGro® System is amongst the most efficient system on the market today to control fouling and secondary spat. The two floats (figure V) have been designed specifically for this cage and for this purpose.

Fouling and secondary spat

Controlling fouling and secondary spat is as easy as flipping the cage over on the two floats (figure V). This will expose the cage and all its content to the sun and wind and within a short period of time (no more than 48 hours) all the fouling and secondary spats should be eliminated.

For smaller operations flipping can also be accomplished with a commercial boat such as a Carolina skiff (as seen above)

The individual flipping the cage is standing in a metal platform (as seen above) that is attached to a marine vessel.  This position facilitates the flipping of the cage.


  • Do not flip the cages over if it calls for very hot and sunny weather.
  • Do not flip the cages over if it calls for strong winds – the wave action will keep the bottom of the cage wet and therefore will not eliminate the fouling and secondary spat.
  • Ideal time to flip: Warm, dry, calm weather forecasted for a few days.

Please note: Exposing the oysters to the sun should be done with care. Even if oysters can survive a few days outside their natural habitat (water) we have found that if the oyster is stressed it could stop feeding, thus affecting its growth. It is strongly recommended that you pay careful attention to these suggestions.

Feeding and growth

The stability of the OysterGro® system optimizes conditions for continuous feeding and maximum growth each year. In the feeding position, figure VI, the oyster bags are maintained level and steady at the ideal feeding depth of 6" to 12" (15.2 cm to 30.5 cm) where plankton is plentiful. Since the bags are held securely to prevent shaking and sliding, the distribution of oysters within the bags remains constant, contributing to a higher quality oyster.



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