Oyster aquaculture can be lucrative and rewarding. Get started today!

As consumers throughout North America discover the culinary appeal of this humble mollusk, aquaculturists who can grow high-quality oysters efficiently and economically will reap their rewards.

Get our proven system working for you.

Developed through nearly 15 years of innovation and testing, the OysterGro® system has helped oyster growers, big and small build profitable farming businesses all over North America.

Equipment and processes are key.

Employing the right tools & equipment and performing required tasks at the right times are crucial to reaching oyster rearing goals.  

We’ll help you consider and setup your operation and be there as you grow.

With time and experience, you may wish to fine tune some of the operations to better suit your working environment.  We can help with that too.


Benefit from our experience.

Following our guidelines will greatly increase your chances of building a profitable oyster growing operation.

Reach out to industry experts.

In your pursuit of knowledge about oyster farming, we strongly recommend that you join your local Oyster Growers Association so that you may exchange ideas with other farmers and also be kept abreast on the latest developments.

Proper authorities can also help you in many ways, either with technical advice or literature on many subjects relating to the oyster industry.

Contact us today

If you would like to learn more about setting up or upgrading an Oyster rearing business, let’s talk. We’d be glad to hear about your project and add value any way we can.






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